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100% revenue sharing program for publishers & Real & Quality Traffic for Advertisers

Publishers Advertisers

Data-Driven Approach for Quality Traffic

This global ad network offering advanced and unique ad formats for web, mobile web and videos. Our application delivers high impact ads that are always viewed & seen by the visitor.

A Better Way To Get Noticed

Next generation ad network offering real time statistics, flexible targeting, easy billing and advanced optimization.

Self-Serve Advertising Platform

Need to promote your product, business or service?

Control & manage your campaigns easily with TechAdbox self-serve platform for advertisers! Affiliate marketers, mobile developers and online companies are already using our platform to drive traffic for their website to acquire leads & boost sales.

Performance Advertising

Pay for Performance

Meet your campaign objectives by reaching the right user with the most suitable payment model: CPM, PPC & CPT (PPT). With our high quality traffic, you will get more impressions, leads, conversions and sales!

Complete Advertising

All-In-One Advertising Platform

Designed for peak time performance. Created for powerful versatility. TechAdBox deliver multi-channel monetization & marketing solutions that simply do more.

Controlled Campaigns

Control of Your Advertising Campaigns

deliver your ads to the right audience across desktops and mobile devices.

Campaign Tools

Our intuitive campaign software guide you through the process of target selection, ad placement, scheduling and budgeting to use our targeting options to find your ideal customers by showing them the right ad at the right time.

Targeting Tools

Keep optimizing the campaign, get the data and optimize your campaigns till you achieve your advertising goals. Your Advertising dashboard gives you access to user-friendly reporting which allows to monitor your ad performance.

Advertising Analytic

Advanced Analytic for Campaign Optimization

A robust Campaign Management framework with embedded analytics allows to plan, target, execute and measure the advertising campaigns effectively. It supports & allowing campaigners to design single and cross-channel ads according to customer needs and behavior.

Advertising Solution

Engage your audience using our ad technology that delivers highest result for each ad impression.

We are the first and largest advertising network, catering to the market’s needs & customizing the campaigns accordingly. Our understanding of international market, makes our client’s campaigns highly effective.

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Publishing Partners

Our Advertising system for Publishers is quite easy, if you have genuine traffic and getting more than 1000 unique hits in a single day, your website will be approved in seconds and just placing ads you can start making money. No tough task.

Easy Sign Up Process

Introducing the hassle free signup process to get started.

Monitor & Get Paid

After placing the ad codes, just monitor the revenue, Get paid twice in month.

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Transparent Pricing

Our policy is to help you to generate 500% more revenue than other ad network, being stick with our transparent pricing model.

Always Free

  • Unique Visitors - 500/Day
  • Revenue Sharing - 80%
  • Monthly Fee - US$ 000
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Go Premium*

  • Unique Visitors - 2000/Day
  • Revenue Sharing - 100%
  • Monthly Fee - US$ 1000
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Note. The premium pricing starts at US$ 1000 per month and varies according to website traffic. Please contact your account manager.

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