Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together this list of frequently asked questions for your quick reference.


We are one of the most generous Ad Networks in the ad industry which believes in transparency, We are here to disruppting the ad market with a SAAS based revenue sharing model where publisher will be the king, sharing 100% revenue with them only if the publisher site has genuine traffic over 15000 unique visitors every month. We are looking forward to maximize all our publishers’ payouts with various monetization methods.

We have defined and mentioned all the terms to sign up as normal and premium publisher that includes the requirements can be found here..

Payments are made on a NET35 basis, which means that payments are made 35 days after the end of the month (excluding weekends). The minimum payment is $50.

Yes, you will receive 10% commission on the earnings of referred publishers.

You must wait 30 days before submitting another application. Also, make sure that your website complies with our terms.

Yes, TechAdBox Ad Network allows publishers to display other advertisers’ ads in combination with our ads.

TechAdBox Ad Network offering Rich Media Banners, Graphical and Text Banners, Video Banners, PopUp, Pop-Unders, Interstitials, Expandable Banners, Wallpaper Skins, In Stream Pre-Rolls, Intromercials, Video Site Unders, and Slider Ads just to name a few. To see our complete list of formats, please visit our Ad Formats Page.

At the end of each month, we will generate a final payout report and pay you this amount via Bitcoin / Paypal.

In the first week of the following month.

Minimum payout is $100. If you make less than $100 a month, you will get paid in the following month once the sum of your payout reaches this amount.

TechAdBox report captures only Paid Clicks and Views on your dashboard. Your overall traffic may be more if we can’t find suitable ads for your website.


That’s quite easy and we are ready to help to setup your account. Once we have all the banner ads (creative) for your campaign, we can have your campaign live within a few hours!

At present, we are selecting the publishers on invite-only basis. We are very strict to our selection policy of publishing partners, we are just want to take care of advertising partners and want to produce a clean network. Only legitimate campaigns are allowed.

That’s quite easy and we are ready to help to set-up your account. just contact us through contact page.

The minimum deposit amount is $50, If you add $100 you will get $25 extra.

Once your account will be approved with us, you can upload the funds, after a quick review you can start your campaign. We do our best to review campaigns as quickly as possible.

Yes, of course. You can choose start and end dates for your ads and we will serve your ads in that time period.

Not at all, you are not bounded with any monthly ad budget or monthly contract, you are free to decide your budget. It is pay as go you, there are no hidden fees. You pay per click or per 1000 views.

Your ads will be shown on our publishing partner websites all across the globe. It could be personal blogs, forums, News Portals and Service Portals.

You can pay for your ads via bitcoin. You may be asked to pay for your ad after you upload your ad copy, photo and define your budget. als and Service Portals.

Our Online Help Center and Support Team are here to help you 24/7/365. Larger budgets receive dedicated manager and Skype support.