Ad blockers are costing publishers a pretty penny

There has been a rapid growth with people using ad blocks. And it’s becoming quite costly to publishers all over the Internet. The trend of installing an “Ad blocker,” is creating major issues in the advertising industry and those hoping to make a living blogging and writing acceptable and informative articles, especially, the articles that help others in the world.

Did you know it’s been reported that ad blocking was responsible for a $21.8 billion lost in revenue for website owners due to ad blocking. And the loss of clicks is due to the fact that groups of people find advertising so unappealing that they’ve made the decision to completely block it off their browsers.

And it’s been proven that if you have quality content that can pull up great advertisements then users are less likely to become annoyed because the ads match up with the websites content. It’s a great solution in helping prevent ad blocking on websites with informative content.

The advertisement industry depends on people viewing their ads in order to make a living. But with the use of ad blockers, there aren’t many chances of making money. The purchasing side of advertisers aren’t worried as much as publishers. The truth is the pain is being felt by website publishers themselves. And it 2015, ad blockers have completely taken over, costing even more than before, chiming in at $22 billion dollars. It’s not a small loss and some people really do rely on the funds.

The reports have been coming from PageFair, they provide an annual report. They are a start up looking to help websites “survive the rise of ad block,” and Adobe. The most shocking part about the report was, there were a staggering 198 million people using ad blockers.


That’s quite a lot of people, don’t you think? That’s all lost revenue for publishers. And that’s not all the report revealed, going into detail about the fact that ad-blocking is getting ready to launch on iOS9 and it’s being called “game changer.” And if you currently look at the facts ad-blocking on mobile accounted for only 1.6% of the the software’s use. And this is not good news to publishers because they don’t aim to write content aimed for mobile devices. But websites such as Google and Alexa will rank you higher if you do adjust your website making it user friendly.

The online advertisement industry rely on those views, so, if you use an ad-blocker and you visit a website daily, be kind and turn it off, at least for your favorite websites, publishers will appreciate it more than you can imagine.

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