Know the difference between Ad Exchanges and Ad Networks

Have you ever wondered how websites make their money? And how they find their advertisers and sell their products, so well? And so do many people who run their own business and websites. And that’s where Ad exchanges and Ad networks come out to play. It’s important to understand that both are different; and both can help beneficial.

And they are both quite simple to understand.

Ad Exchanges vs. Ad Networks

The digital marketing has come such a long way for it’s many advertisers. If you want to make money for your website, you have a few options to take into consideration. The first option is quite simple, if you can do it, sell products or services, the second isn’t always the best option but can be done, charge for access to your site(this is very rare), and last use online advertising. This can be difficult but there’s a simple answer to help make everything a little bit easier, outsource your hard work to “ad networks,” or “ad exchanges,” and we’ll go over both of these topics below.

Ad Exchanges and Ad Networks

What is an ad network?

An online “advertiser network,” often shortened to “ad network,” is a company that connects an advertiser to your  websites. Most of the time the websites they are connected too will want to host advertisements. The primary reason people turn to ad networks is to gain ad space supply from fellow publishers and match it to the advertisers demands.

Media buying ad networks help to collect and sell.

What Media Buying Ad Networks exist?

Media buying ad networks do take some profit from website owners. But it’s worth it in the long term because they represent different groups of websites and it’s their duty to get as much money as possible from media buying ad networks. And this means you’ll make a profit, regardless. Ad networks are very helpful and can help you get the money you deserve for the hard work you do on your website.

Examples of ad networks are:

  • Microsoft Media Network
  • Amazon – Media Group
  • Chitika
  • PropellerAds
  • TechAdbox

An ad exchange is an open digital marketplace. Inventory is purchased over ad exchanges than ever before and it’s becoming quite popular. Ad exchanges are taking place when the buying and selling of media advertising occurs, their prices are determined through bidding for multiple networks.

What Ad Exchanges exist?

  • AdECN (Microsoft)
  • AdBrite
  • ContextWeb
  • DoubleClick Ad Exchange (Google)
  • Right Media (Yahoo)

Ad Exchanges help bring variety to advertisers and website developers.


Media buying has become very popular and so has the use of ad exchanges and ad networks. They work together, hand-in-hand and without one, the other wouldn’t work. It’s team effort and that’s what secures you money, when you have great content, an ad network and you participate in ad exchanges.

Both are an important part to growth on the internet, especially if you have something to say, or something to sell. People are always looking for information and the world always has stuff people want to own. And it’s important to understand the difference between an ad network and ad exchange, especially, if you want to make money online.

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