Learn Why We Started Accepting Bitcoin

After speaking to a number of bitcoin experts, we also did research about future of cryptocurrencies, TechAdbox started accepting Bitcoin as a valid form of payment as Bitcoin increases in value and popularity, increases in value and popularity. Many startups use bitcoins as their regular and valid form of payment […]

What is an ad-network and why do we need that?

What is an ad network? There are many people who have wondered, “What is an ad-network?” And the answer is quite simple. An ad-network is a company that collects advertising inventories, these inventories will them be used on a publishers website. The advertising network is a commercial connection between advertisers […]

Contextual Advertising

There are many people who don’t know how to use “contextual advertising,” and it’s a loss because they could be making a great amount of revenue just by implementing and ad network. First, it’s important to understand what contextual advertising is and how it functions. Have you ever visited a […]

Five Reasons to Use an Ad Network

Understanding how well the Digital Marketing industry has evolved is important when attempting to understand an ad network agency. An adverting network is an online business that matches up advertisers to websites that are looking to host ads, essentially to earn money. Advertising networks find websites which have, matching content […]