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  • Global Coverage

    A global solution and monetize traffic from every country with a 100% fill-rate.

  • Automatic optimization

    Automatic ad campaign optimization system by country and by site.

  • Multiple Formats

    We provide a wide variety of web and mobile formats to monetize all your inventory.

  • Real-time Statistic

    Get detailed statistics on your ad zones in real-time.

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    Get prompt payments monthly via paypal, bitcoin.

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    We are available for you because the Internet never sleeps.

"I'm happy to find out TechAdbox, making more money than Adsense & other ad networks. These days nobody shares Ad revenue."

Michelle Miller San Diego

High Paying Ad Network

Your blog and website can turn your biggest revenue resource when you use TechAdbox's effective monetization program. Our rich media advertising & latest ad server technologies insures the highest ROI for every single impression of your site.


We focus on content based websites which gets new contents on regular basis and has decent and regular traffic.


Our ad publishers signed-up with SAAS based ad publishing program, which keeps to stay with us with maximum ad slots.

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500% More Revenue

Monetizing the website traffic with TechAdBox is all about utilizing the opportunity to make more money you were making with other ad networks, we are sharing our expertise and resources of the internet's first ad network on SAAS model, where 100% of ad revenue* is being shared.

This ad network guaranteeing you better CPMs, CPC and the best personal advertising service & support you have had ever.

"Even having a legitimate contact centre, we were helpless and almost decided to close our operation; then someone introduced to TechAdbox on invite-only basis; and after an year of relationship we are really delighted to find a business saving solution. Thank You TechAdbox "

Rahul Basist New Delhi

A Publisher Friendly Ad Network

TechAdBox aiming for quality rather than quantity, it's our hard work to create an ad network which connects advertisers and the best publishers. Since 2015 we are choosing the publishers, and paying them much better than any other network. We have two option you can chose, all you need to contact us and discuss the opportunity.

"TechAdbox, this name is going to rule among all networks, helpful support. Awesome Reporting!"

Johnathan Anderson Texas

Some Important Asked Questions

Why should I join TechAdBox as Publisher?

We believe in monetization transparency, We are here to disrupting the ad market with a SAAS based revenue sharing model where publisher will be the king, sharing 100% revenue with them only if the publisher site has genuine traffic over 15000 unique visitors every month.

What is the minimum payout?

Minimum payout is $100. If you make less than $100 a month, you will get paid in the following month once the sum of your payout reaches this amount.

How do I get Paid, if I join as Publisher?

If your website qualifies the basic criteria of 100% revenue program, them all the advertising funds will [given by advertiser] be yours minus a monthly fee charged for Techadbox Ad Network.

How does the SAAS based model payment work?

If your website qualifies the basic criteria of 100% revenue program, them all the advertising funds will [given by advertiser] be yours minus a monthly fee charged for Techadbox Ad Network.

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Transparent Pricing

Our policy is to help you to generate 500% more revenue than other ad network, being stick with our transparent pricing model.

Always Free

  • Unique Visitors - 500/Day
  • Revenue Sharing - 80%
  • Monthly Fee - US$ 0000
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Go Premium*

  • Unique Visitors - 2000/Day
  • Revenue Sharing - 100%
  • Monthly Fee - US$ 1000
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Note. The premium pricing starts at US$ 1000 per month and varies according to website traffic. Please contact your account manager.

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