It’s time to step into the future and pick the perfect ad network

Have you noticed that the analytic report’s on your website are doing fantastic? Do you feel like it’s time to step into the future and pick the perfect ad network? There’s a lot to consider when stepping into the future of advertising because there are many more ad-networks to choose between; adsense isn’t your final and last choice. And based on your niche and publications, you should choose an ad-network that fits your creative content best.

Choosing between ad-network’s can get tricky but if you write quality content and inquire with the ad-network of your choice, you’ll find that they can easily find content placement for your website. And it doesn’t matter what ad-network you decide to use to monetize your website. That’s the beauty if the internet in today’s day and age, you can choose what you want for your websites future.  And adding getting on the ad-networking level is the first step in the right direction.

How many ad-networks are there? And why?

When it comes to choosing an ad-network for your publications, it’s important to remember, while Google Adsense might be the leader within the the advertising industry, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t better options for your websites.

Did you know that not every ad-network hold up to the same terms and conditions? It doesn’t matter whether you are using Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. Media isn’t contextual and therefore it makes it much harder to monetize. But there are options because the Internet has evolved so much, and given opportunity to every type of niche.

Having different types of ad-networks is crucial for publishers because it allows for more growth as a publisher and it gives you confidence.

    Different Ad Networks to consider include:

  • AOL
  • Amazon – Media Group
  • Microsoft Media Network
  • Chitika
  • TechAdbox
  • PropellerAds

And if you aren’t quite sure which of these ad-networks to go with, it doesn’t hurt to inquire with any questions you might have about their advertisements.

After all, it is the future of your website and you want the best possible ads featured on your content for the highest payout.


Media buying has come a long way and it’s well on it’s way to popularity. The use of ad networks has many benefits. Having an online advertiser network will help connect specific ads to your website. The primary reason people haven’t turned to ad-networks is because the lack of knowledge about the benefits of using ad-networks.

Are you ready to step into the future of online advertising?

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