What is an ad-network and why do we need that?

What is an ad network?

There are many people who have wondered, “What is an ad-network?” And the answer is quite simple. An ad-network is a company that collects advertising inventories, these inventories will them be used on a publishers website. The advertising network is a commercial connection between advertisers and the publishers.

Ad networks offer single buying opportunities to media purchasers and that gives them the opportunity to access the advertising market for smaller publishers. It’s important to have different choices for ad-networks because they help certain publishers grow, in niches that would normally be harder to find advertisements for publishers content.

How many ad-networks are there? And why?

There are many ad-networks but Google Adsense is the market leader in the industry. There are many reasons why there should be many ad-network’s to choose from and those include:

  • Did you know that not all networks hold the same terms or conditions? It doesn’t matter if it’s Facebook, YouTube, or Sound Cloud. Media is not contextual and that makes it harder to monetize. So, having different outlets gives you far more possibilities for monetization.
  • There are so many different ad formats that you can choose from, including banners, pop ups, horizontal banners, rich media, and many more.
  • Different Ad-networks do offer different campaigns and some of them just work better for what your needs currently constitute.

Having different ad-networks is crucial to helping everybody develop their webpages. Plus gives out so much more opportunities for growth. It’s important to have choices. And a lot of choices are better than a limited number of choices.

Why do we need ad-networks?

We need ad-networks to make sure publishers on the internet get paid for their hard work. There are many dedicated bloggers in the world. And a lot of them have wonderful ideas but they just aren’t getting paid. But if they knew about ad-networks then it would give them even more opportunity for growth. Ad-networks helps publishers and advertisers connect.


Keep in mind that if you build great content when you are publishing, it will be easier for the advertiser to find ads that fit your niche. Understanding that you have multiple ad-network’s to choose from is crucial when finding a media buying ad network that fits your needs.

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