What ad formats TechAdbox allows?

The two recommended formats are the Mid Page Unit (MPU) (300×250 pixels), and the Leaderboard (728x90pixels.)

There are also other formats which are popular with advertisers and that you may find in some cases easier to fit into the page design of your site. These formats are as mentioned below:

  • Banners Full Size 468×60 pixels
  • Banners Half Size 234×60 pixels
  • Banners Vertical 120×240 pixels
  • Banners Vertical Tower 160×600 pixels
  • Button 120×90 pixels
  • Button 88×31 pixels
  • Complete Page 800×600 pixels
  • Facebook style ads
  • Full Page Ad
  • Message Box
  • Onclick popunder window
  • Onclick popup window
  • Page Peel
  • Sticky ads bar bottom
  • Sticky ads bar top
  • Sticky bottom banner (recommended for mobile phones)
  • Sticky Note
  • TakeOver
  • Text Ads (clean style)
  • Text Ads (Google style ads)
  • Text Ads Bar
  • Video Ads
  • Virtual pages 1
  • Virtual pages 2

TechAdBox Network has all the option including standard sizes that can fit your site.

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