Why my advertising banners were rejected?

In most cases, your banners did not meet the guidelines set below or in our Acceptable Use Policy. A reason will be given at the time of review.

  • No Fake Virus Alerts
  • No JavaScript Pops on Entry
  • No Multiple Pop-Unders
  • No Auto Downloaders
  • No Browser Locks
  • No Disguising Ads to look like an Official Program¹
  • No Misleading Ads²
  • No Inappropriate / Illegal Ads³
  • No Underage Girls
  • No Fake Police Advertisements
  • No Time Delayed Downloads / Redirects

¹ Example: Can’t pretend to be an Adobe Flash update or any program

² No Play or Download buttons. No download buttons that trigger a different action than intended

³ Bestiality, Gore, Violence, Guns, Rape

If you would like clarification, please contact our support team.

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