What are the Refund policies?

Once our services have been initiated, No refunds shall be offered to you. Services are considered initiated when any campaign has been submitted by you and approved by TechAdbox, resulting in any amount of funds being deducted from your overall account balance.

In the event that TechAdbox’ services are not initiated, the unspent monies in your account balance may be refunded at your request if approved by TechAdbox. TechAdbox reserves the right to hold the disputed amount for up to thirty (30) days before processing any refunds. All processing fees for any refunded monies are to be paid for by you, the customer.

Traffic Quality

We do not directly own the publications who display ads on our network, we are not responsible for traffic quality issues that may arise as a result of your ad spend. We recommend that for new campaigns you set a daily spend limit to evaluate the effectiveness of each website for your product/service and remove those that underperform.

When your ad has been placed on a third-party website, we have guaranteed to cover the cost of the placement with the publisher and cannot retroactively credit your account as the spend has already been allocated.

That being said, we encourage you to share which websites you find to be the most ineffective as we will take this into consideration during our regular network clean-up, especially if multiple advertisers are having similar results.

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