The Reasons Your Contextual Ads Are Failing & How To Avoid

Have you been thinking about testing out “contextual ads?” Using contextual ads might be a new subject for you but there are some things to keep in consideration before you start running your contextual ad campaign. It’s important to have patience and to work very hard. It’s inevitable that some of your campaigns will fail, especially, in the very beginning. After all, you’re still getting a hang of using contextual ads, right?

The contextual ad network has come a long way and it can benefit your website, especially, if you’re ready to start earning some money for your smarts and niche websites. There are some common pitfalls that most bloggers and website owners make and we can help you organize a more successful ad network with your display advertising.

Things to remember when setting up a contextual ad network

  • Campaigns like “Adwords,” are set to an automatic setting for Display networks and they will clump your ads together, making them less effective. You can avoid this common pitfall by organizing your campaigns by network. Doing so, will allow you to pick the perfect keywords and bids.
  • Don’t worry about long-tail keywords when working with contextual ads, they won’t provide your ads a targeted match. There is only one type of match level with contextual ads and that’s the broad match.
  • Always manage your ad network placements. It’s important to manage these ad placements on your own. It’s okay to have automatic display advertising at the start of your website but you need to take control of this eventually. This will help you prevent poorly performing or irrelevant traffic sources.
  • Always place your best performing ads above the fold.

Benefits of Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising is beneficial for any website or blog, it’s a type of online advertising and is also known as “content based advertising.” This means that it searches a website for specific keywords and provides ads on the webpage, related to the keywords that a user has blogged about on their website. And contextual ads are very cost effective, they don’t need heavy investment in comparison with many other types of advertisement.

And the best part, users will come back to your website because they don’t get annoyed with the advertising. Why don’t they get annoyed with contextual advertising? Well, because it’s relevant to what they are searching, so it makes sense to be there, don’t you think?


Contextual advertising is an important part of the blogging world. It’s important if you want to make money and your consumers won’t mind seeing them because they are relevant to the information on your website, unless, of course, the targeting isn’t performing well. But if you’re looking to make some money then you join in on the contextual advertising fun.

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